Sunday, September 9, 2012

Reveal the secret

The secret here is this. You himself for domestic duties, or you "podpinyvaet" Russian wife? You ask, what am I doing? Suppose you are assigned duties at home because: you have time in two days to buy food, and once a week to clean the plumbing.

Do you remember, three weeks ago I was with you at a party on Saturday, you just had to clean the plumbing and go to the store. What do I hear? Wife says to you: "clean up plumbing." Then another 10 minutes later: "Clean, please plumbing." On the third time, and certain number of whining, you brush your plumbing.

Moving on. You need to go to the store. After again reminders Russian wife you ask her the same: "What should buy? And where the money is? And what store it is? "

That is the point, you see a hint? Remember the math from the relocation of the summands of the same. So, family life - it is different and now I can tell you its mathematics.

From the relocation of the sum of terms varies so much, that if you knew it would long ago have done everything differently.

 Come closer to the theme of "injustice" of discontent wife division of household duties and family life mathematics. If you himself "kicked" and cleaned the plumbing or you ask a Russian wife, and you cleaned the plumber, you think they are one and the same? Number, then work at home like as unchanged. But the thing is that it is completely different.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

What do Russian women

From his childhood dream of Russian girls, that makes its way to them prince on a white horse. But sooner or later they realize that it hardly makes its way, so you need to take, that is. Although in my heart they still yearn to meet the man of her dreams. What prevents them to be a Pickup?
Women, as you know, like ears. They believe the words as facts. Especially, if these "facts" expressed not directly but polunamekami. Then the girls believe anything.

What you need to create the illusion of a perfect man with words? It is necessary to know the basic women's desires. Here are a few factors that help create a fabulous image of an attractive man.

Love. Remember that your girlfriend is still (at least at heart) believes in "love till death." Therefore, do not forget to say that love - is the ultimate feeling, without which neither you nor anyone else could not exist on earth. Think poems about love, life stories, which would serve as confirmation of this great feeling.

Marriage. Any normal woman wants to find a life partner, the greater part of and deals. So, since you create the image of the ideal man or even a husband, do not forget to mention about the sanctity of marriage and its importance on the structure of society. Say that if you were married, would have made his wife's life a fairy tale: suited to romantic dinners by candlelight, sometimes came to work with the early to arrange a small party, went to his wife in the country, would suit a love orgy in the bathroom room and much more. And the girl unconditionally believe these words.

Family. Show your girlfriend how important your family home, as you love your parents, siblings and grandparents. Prove it with words: tell a few stories from his childhood, associated with your family, dream about the family that you want to create. Create the perfect way to her family.

Children. After a drawn image of a family, need to supplement it with their children. Russian girl show how much you love children. Tell her about his nephew's (fictional or real): what it is charming, cute, funny, how much you love him and how he would have wanted to have two or three of the same.

Friendship. Tell her about your best friend. How do you value his friendship, as you are willing to support them in their hour of need. Remember, the Russian women are never real friends, but they are struggling to demonstrate that it is not, therefore, so zealously defend the concept of true friendship, and so appreciate it.

Honesty in relationships. Think that she, like many people are already sick of the huge number of dishonest people around. Therefore, you should just say that you prefer to build relationships with people, based on sincerity, as she guided female logic, immediately draw the conclusion that you are an honest man, and you can trust.

Respect to the Russian woman. Remember, that now many women are jealous of Towns for their rights, oppose discrimination based on gender. Therefore, in any case, do not say that a woman destined to a secondary role. Tell him that you respect her as a person that you respect women in general, (except that with the exception of those that do not respect you). And do not forget to confirm these words: Give the old lady a place in the bus, carried heavy bags of his chosen. And then she will realize that you are much better than other males.

The presence of principles. Create your own principles, based on which you go through life, if you do not have those. This can be anything from what you do not litter on the street, to the point that you will not swear in the presence of girls. Obey them, as the 10 Commandments, and then she will certainly appreciate your integrity.

Sense of purpose and confidence. Do not forget that Russian girls do not like insecure blockheads, who have no purpose in life. So, if you do not even possess a considerable degree of these qualities, try to prove their existence by their speeches. Tell her about your favorite reality in which you strive to achieve something. Take responsibility for everything, when necessary, if you're next to it. Make decisions independently. And then you are one step closer to the image of the ideal man.

Material prospects. Now in our lives money plays a big role. And with the condition that Russian women are often practical, sometimes very practical (for example, dinamschitsy), then the item will be very important for them. So show it to your financial security, at least in the long term. Show her a car, apartment, cottage, if any. Tell her to raise that awaits you in the near future. Imagine that your ancestors were nobles, and they went into hiding during the revolution. And your shares will rise for a few more points.

Bad habits. For there is no talking, and many Russian girls bad attitude to smoking and alcohol. Especially to their use in large doses. Therefore, sober and non-smokers are worth their weight in gold. Pretend this, and it will inspire yourself that you are her ideal. But the ideal, as you know, want to lose the least.

The art and poetry. Show her talents: read poetry, play guitar, draw, write novels. Use your resources to achieve the final result.

It now remains to adhere to the image created by the perfect man. Remember that you need a lot to say, to speak should be beautiful, but can not talk straight. Hinted, and the girl must decipher your hints in the right form. And then you'll be for her man of her dreams.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

About feelings light sensitivity Russian women

When you reject

Always it is believed that at least for one night can get the man she loved. It is natural to offer himself in a frank manner. But this does not always work. And here's why. If you do not hide their love for him, it's alarming. Men in most cases, are afraid of being 'forced' favorite. They just do not want to feel for the blame for your love. Perhaps this explains the existence of unmarried young and beautiful Russian women. In general, they require only one thing - love. In this case they are unable or unwilling to hide his admiration of the men to them. And at first it just needs to be done. How would you, Russian women, the man did not like him never open their cards first. He just believes that there is nothing more to conquer. A bird in his hands. Direct opening of your love will deprive you in the eyes of the man of mystery and mystique, which are so like men. And most importantly you are depriving it of taste victory - the reward for which you are exactly.

If a woman is called to the man, thinking that by doing so will win it, then it is seriously mistaken. Some men think that will go a noble, rejecting a Russian woman, only for the reason that he does not love her. In such traps caught just the most honest and sensitive Russian women, because they know how to use other methods of coquetry. Stefan Zweig wrote: 'Woe, if a woman, overcoming shyness, open the heart of man ... not being sure of reciprocity, he is the object of her passion remains cold and unapproachable! For men there is no oppression more senseless than to be loved, against his will. "

Thus, the adult Virgin is a very sensitive Russian women. Their mistake in romanticism. Because options are: do you love and you do not, or vice versa is much more common than mutual love. Probably just need to learn to call reciprocity in another person.

In any case, Russian woman, you must either wait for a man first shows his feelings for you, or to preserve the dignity and find another. So, dear women hide their feelings for the beloved man to the right time. Yes, your patience will be rewarded.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Russian women hot sexy

This circumstance filled the soul of Philip's excessive pride. For the sake of the Queen of Navarre ordered him to turn the fortress into a shelter of love.

And then, when his elder brother became a lover of Gautier d'One forms, the tower began to serve a secret haven for the young couple. Find specious pre ¬ log was easy, what wonder if Blanca comes for a visit to his daughter? Margarita, babes russian horny beautiful women, willingly provided her services of this kind.
But now, when Philip looked at the huge dark tower, stone bulk towering above the river, at its peaked roof, narrow oblong window, he could not help asking myself: what if the other men knew these quick hug, and maybe these turbulent night ... Even those who believed that through seeing Margarita, beautiful russian girls be happy, and he often becomes a dead end. And these five days, during which she made itself felt, although nothing seemed to do well rendezvous, unless they were not even one more proof? ..
The door opened, and maid invited Philip to follow her. His chest squeezed like a vise, his lips parched, but he was determined this time not to let yourself be carried out. When they reached the end of a long corridor and the maid was gone, Philip entered into a long low bed-chamber, closely cluttered with furniture, all soaked in a sharp flavor, aroma so familiar jasmine essence, delivered by merchants from the East.
Philip did not immediately settled into this too much-heated and dimly lit room. The huge fireplace on a pile of coals glowed crimson whole tree.
- Madame ... - Said Philip, beautiful naked russian women.
The voice coming from the back of the room, a little hoarse, a sleepy, ordered:
- Approach, Messer.
Margarita was really alone? Had she dared to take him to his bedchamber without other witnesses, when the King of Navarre could be around?
And then he calmed down, Philip, though he felt bitter disappointment of course, at the Queen  was not alone. Margarita, beautifu single russian women in bed, and beside her, half hidden folds of the canopy, sat on a low stool, an old lady in waiting and carefully trimmed toenails queen.

Russian women hot

And Margaret, beautiful women russian nude, seemed quite happy with this situation. It tasted a double delight - cheating husband and tear it belonged to that breed of women who are attracted to a man, just seeing how it affected their fault, not until you got fed up first sight of this suffering, russian women agency.
Each day Philip told himself that true love can not be satisfied by random encounters every day promised myself tomorrow to break with the tormentor.
But he was weak, cowardly, and most importantly, conquered for good. Like the player, which pulls in the representation rate, Philip was kept in a vicious circle of his old dreams, his useless gifts, the gift of wasted time The past of his happiness. He lacked the courage to stand up from the table and say firmly, beatiful russian girls: «I have already lost in the fluff."
And now he stands in the hallway, leaning against the jamb windows, and waiting - waiting for him at last deigns to admit. To deceive the impatience, he looked into the yard where grooms were busy, intending to hold the horses on the Lawn Pre-au-Clair, looked like the gates swing open, the servants render carcasses and baskets of vegetables, babes russian horny women.
Nelsky property consisted of two separate buildings: from the hotel itself, built relatively recently, and the tower that was built under Philip Augustus, a couple of Louvre tower, decorated the left bank of the Seine, even in those days, when there took place the ramparts. Six years ago, Philip the Fair, and bought a hotel and a tower at Count Amaury de Nel and bestowed on it as the residence of the eldest son, the king of Navarre.
First, the tower served as a premise for a guardhouse and storeroom, however, ordered the Margarita bring the tower in order to be able to - as she said - one to sit, meditate, pray  admire the peaceful flow of the river. This assertion  expecting that she just do not need to loneliness, and Ludovic Navarre, knowing the extravagant nature of his wife nor ¬ little surprised it is not a whim. In fact, it required secure premises without interference to make it a handsome Russian d'One.

Russian women horny

At a sign provost Alain de Parey and Mademoiselle group of archers rushed to the Cathedral, drove the cart, pushed it to the defendants, urging them to blunt the peak. They obeyed with great resignation to violence. Grand Master and Prior Normandy lost their strength, but at the same time felt relieved. Finally, their conscience was at peace. Both the satellite so they do not understand, beautiful hot russian women. Archers were going ahead, paving the way for the sad cortege, provost Pluabush ordered the guards to clear the area quickly. He tossed about in confusion, not knowing what to do.
- Take the prisoners in the Temple - STE provost shouted to Mr. de Pareylyu - I ran to tell the king.
He ordered four guards to follow him as a bodyguard, russian ladies first.

Meanwhile, Philip d'One Nelskogo reached the hotel. He was asked to wait in the hallway to the private quarters of the Queen of Navarre.
Minutes dragged on indefinitely. Philip tried to find an explanation for such a long wait - it is caused by what some unforeseen circumstances, or just like the queen of his torment. It is very like her. Hold out for an hour, and then announced that the Queen is not, if you please, they say, take it today. He was beside himself. When their relationship began, Margaret get along with him is not so. Or maybe, and so, beautiful women russian nude. He did not remember now. Is full of charm in those days when he rashly set off in search of adventure, not knowing where love begins and ends with vanity, is it not, he performs a succession of five hours, only to see his mistress, to touch her clothes with your fingertips, hear assigned a date in a hurried whisper.
Times have changed. Those obstacles, which give a special charm to the nascent love, become a heavy burden for the love, beautiful russian women, already numbering in the three long years, and often it kills the very thing that caused the light. Do not be sure for a moment in the meeting, dozens of times to hear about the cancellation of the meeting.

Russian women home sex

Got an incredible noise. The monks who crowded behind the judgment seat, yelled at the top of his voice:
- Heretics! On fire them! Heretics burned at the stake!
But the cry was drowned in the general uproar. Moved by compassion, which is so natural to cover people with a helpless, hapless but courageous man, almost the entire crowd took the side of the Templars, bare russian girls.
The judges threatened with fists. In the area began a fight. From the windows of neighboring houses came the insulting cries.
By order of Alain de Pareylya of the archers, and erected there a chain, holding hands, trying to keep, russian girls naked, the flow of people, threatened to flood the entire porch and stairs. The other half of the archers, putting spikes barred the way to the crowd.
Royal police officer, armed with batons with a lily in the end, gave blows right and left. In the confusion, upset the cage with chickens and birds clucked mournfully under my feet running, beautiful hot russian women.
Judges in fear sprang from their seats. Jean de Marigny took away provost of Paris, to consult with him about what was happening, beautifu single russian women ..
- Take any decision, my lord, any decision - repeated provost - just leave them here. We were all swept away. You do not know what the Parisians in anger.
Jean de Marigny forth his hand, picked up his crosier, wanting to show that he wants to say. But no one listened. On all sides rushed to his address abusive language.
- Tormentor! False bishops! The Lord will punish you yet!
- Speak, my lord, saying, - urged his provost.
Prevost was shaking in his position, and for his own skin: his memory was still fresh excitement in 1306 when the Parisians smashed home his predecessor, Provost Barbe.
- Two criminals have committed a crime a second time, again fell into heresy - Archbishop cried, vainly straining his vocal cords. - They have questioned the fairness of justice. The Church rejects them and make them into the hands of the royal court.
His words were drowned in the BoE crowd. Then all the judgment in full, like a flock of frightened guinea fowl, gradually receded under the arches of the Notre Dame Cathedral and the church doors shut behind them.